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Bow leggedness?

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#1 forevabrainless92



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Posted 23 November 2012 - 02:18 AM

Is there anyone out there who has some sort of fitness routine or anything that can correct bow legs? I have really disproportionately long legs for my height (183cm) and some friends of mine who are models have said that is the single most important thing holding me back beacuse my legs are not straight like theirs?

So does anyone have that same issue or has figured out some way to fix or minimise the bent leg? My friend said calcium tablets and supplements?

Any advice would be appreciated?!

#2 nomad 822

nomad 822

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Posted 23 November 2012 - 04:53 AM

Unfortunately I don't think it's possible to correct.

At last, not anything I foresee that is easily corrective ... unless you are prepared to wear some kind of leg brace or would be willing to undergo surgery (perhaps, I am guessing).

I had an ex who had the most spindley, obviously-bowed legs. He looked awful in shorts.

Some of the bone formation is genetic or calcium deficit related.

But in addition, I half-trust my mom's very firm belief that 50% also had to do with the way babies were carried.
ie while it was/is an easy and popular method to hook the baby straddle-sitting on the side of mom's body .. it also meant while those young legs were forming, they were always pullled apart in that position. Babies who were carried upright, had legs formed straighter as kids-adults later.

She has the same theory about ears = if not constantly vigilantly tucked in properly when baby slept, some ears pressed constantly may form outwards like dumbo's

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#3 Anime_X


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Posted 10 January 2013 - 09:21 PM

I think its correctable, with an operation..... I was watching this program about little people, one of them had bowed legs and he had an operation (pretty big op) to straighten it up. It involves reconstructing the bones in the legs to straighten it, its a serious operation. Not sure if its a good option because its a huge operation....

Best thing is ask a doctor about it....

#4 SadakosKawaii



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Posted 22 February 2013 - 08:03 AM

There are exercises in ballet that can correct this! :D I learned that in my ballet class :D
Also eating as healthy as possible, taking collagen pills or other supplaments, and using
an all natural herbal ointment called "Complete Tissue And Bone" will help greatly in
speeding up the process. :D

I'll explain :)

When you eat unhealthy your body ceases to function 100% properly, lowering
it's ability to repair itself, thus causing certain repairs like bow leggedness to be
very difficult to fix. When you eat 100% healthy your body begins to function with
loads more strength and has greater strength to repair itself.

The best diet for trying to correct this or any ailment is raw fruits, vegeatbles, nuts,
seeds, whole grains, pure waters such as distilled and alkaline, and 100% juices. Also
using pure oils such as coconut and olive when you cook. Many people don't realize how effecient
relying on these whole foods is. They think meat and milk are the only sufficient places
to get calcium and protein, but a handful of nuts gives you the daily amount of protein
and most green vegatables are high in calcium (which you need for your bone repairs!). More so than milk.
Also milk was made originally for the baby cow, and the calf digests things differently from humans.
The nutrients in cows milk may be high, but they are not usually in healthy forms
for a human to be attempting their digestion. Hence why 70%+ of Americans are
lactose intolerant. Milk is actually a highly mucus forming food and contains unhealthy
hormones that stunt growth and weaken the immune system. Soy milk is a great
alternative-also high in calcium and is easy to make (see internet). It's healthiest when
made yourself.

Collagen is a natural nutrient that is essential in the growth of and repairing of
skin and bones. It comes in drinkinable, fruity supplements (that taste SO good!),
tablets, pills, and powders that you can mix with juice or smoothies and drink. It
can be a little pricey, but if you can afford it, it is worth it!

Complete Tissue And Bone is an herbal formula by the renowned Dr. Christopher,
a great herbalist. It is meant as the name suggests, to repair bones and tissue. It
comes in an oil, an ointment, and herbal pills. It's ALL natural and safe to use.
Considering your problem it may be best to take the pills in conjuction with using the
ointment/oil on your legs.

I'm sorry I can't give more details on the exercises. It was mentioned in my class
that they exist, and I saw before and after pics, but what they exercises were wasn't
explained. If you do some research or perhaps have a consultation with a ballet
teacher or dr. familiar with the exercises they can help you. :) There may also be
some examples on the internet.

Good luck to you! :)

My sources: I have studied herbology and health for years and have personal expereinces with the
things I have discussed and suggested :)