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AF needs funding again

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Causes of Poverty

poverty causes economy living standards reduction

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#41 Kwok Jing

Kwok Jing


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Posted 14 December 2012 - 03:40 PM

If thats the stupidest thing you ever heard in your life, then your life must be pretty pathetic. Though I dun really blame you since your born in the late 70s, just in time for the school system in your country to brainwash you into the belief of personal responsibility in the neoliberal ideology at the time. See Im excusing you from your ignorance so perhaps you should start using that personal responsibility of yours to educate your dumb*ss brain to learn what is really going on in this world. No wonder your such a loser with no life.

For you, I guess live for the moment is way to go. It's always someone else at fault. Too bad there are too many people like you in the world. No wonder ghetto like you is everywhere.

#42 nomad 822

nomad 822

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Posted 15 December 2012 - 06:11 AM

It doesn't take long for the hard working minority of any group to start being resentful of the slothful majority and think 'why the heck should I strain myself for that lazy bunch'. The lazy bunch won't work any harder than the hardest working members of the group so as the leaders slow down, the whole group slows down until every one is doing virtually nothing.

Only when people are incentivised by profiting from their own labour do they put in the best effort. This is why some form of capitalism will always succeed over a highly idealistic and fundamentally flawed concept of communism.

With strong union protection and high taxes in the West ... the same can be said.
Less people are motivated to do any more than their basic job descriptions or what is outlined in union laws as their rights. Nevermind the huge lineup of people - my teabreak officially states 11am. Nevermind if my sole colleague is unable to cope with the crowd, and it looks bad on the company.

And why should anyone want to work harder or have more responsibility attached ... if ultimately half of their earnings are going to get taxed away when in a higher income bracket ... as opposed to someone from a lower income tax bracket and far less responsbilities?