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[Archive]DBSG: U-know Yunho - Part 12 -

korea u-know yunho dbsg dong bang shin gi tvxq thsk heading to the ground cha bong goon momis

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#2081 Momi Schumi

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Posted 12 June 2013 - 08:17 AM


as to bringing the interview of Yunho's father in here...

i think you will just copy and paste it here...

but don't be in a hurry... only after work okay???

oh i've heard about Hikari's death too... and i was sad.. she was young

and very vibrant..and true bloodied HOMIN/TVXQ supporter...i think she was

hiding her condition from the fandom...and I saluted her for that.....

she must be a good person...and she sure is in God's hands now..

death is always painful to those who remained..

i pray for comfort to her family....

come in anytime you want okay... as i've said a random visit in here..

is already my happiness...

okay my last post for today...

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credits as tagged

Keep spreading that Yunho looove...

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Posted 12 June 2013 - 04:13 PM

here is the interview.i think it was from WISH at yunho birtday party 2007 interviw with yunho's father .


Jung Yunho - a true star

Q : you said he suffered a lot during the trainee days,please tell
us in little more detail about yunho's hard life back then.

A : Yunho entered into a contract with SM and start trainee life wholeheartedly at winter break in his 3rd year of middle school.before that,we constantly hot calls from the agency that they wanted to transfer yunho to Chungdam High School near the company to make his trainee life easier.however even then,i
still didn't have any intentionof letting himbe a singer so i kept declining.

Finding that out,yunho tried many times to persuade me to get permission.since he was born,i think yunho.probably cried that much for the first time.eventually i told him that if he wanted to do that so much go ahead and gave permission.however by that time,he missed out to transfer and he had no choice but to enter high school at Gwangju.

Since he couldn't have a proper school life because of trainee life,we looked for a place that would accomodate that (situation).in the end he had no choice but to enter a private school,Gwang il high school.

He had training on the weekdays so he could only receive school lessons about 3 days a week.he would finish training at seoul,ride the midnight express bus and because he would arrive at Gwangju around 2~3 in the morning,he went to school at 07.00 a.m without even getting enought sleep.his life continued like this,not being able to study well with irregular lessons.However,he couldn't miss the school exams as much as the lessons,so when it was that yime (test time),yunho would come down from seoul no matter what,and for almost 3-4 days straight,he would pull all nighters studying for exams.

Actually,he was burn out and having a hard time.frankly,even if he just put his name on the test only,nobody would have said anything,but his personality wouldn't allow him to do that,so he said even thought he couldn't steadily keep up with the lessons for subjects like math and english,he wanted to atleast do his best with subjects that required memorization. at those times,his friends would come to the house with the notes that they took during that time and stay up all night with yunho and study with him.Even now,i am very gratefull to them.Yunho didn't seem to worry too much about his school grades when he applied to college,because his grades for the subjecta requiring memorization and subject he enjoyed like P.E and goverment and economics were good.

However from a parent's perspective,i felt so bad and sorry to see him like that.he always said that he was doing fine and not to worry,so we thought he was comfortable staying in a dorm (room and board).but my heart ached so much to hear later on in some show when he talked about how he had ahard time because he had nowhere to sleep and the difficult part time job he had.

Always reliable and with leadership,yunho is a dependable and sincere hard worker who is trustworthy no matter what he does.but if you actually get to know him,he is said to be a normal kid who has a lot of warmth to his charming personality and who.like to take care of others.whenever he has a break in a day,he talks to his parents telling them of his daily schedule.also when he goes far away because he has an oversea schedule,he always calls them when he departs and when he arrives no matter how busy he may be. he is also a sweet kid,who start his daily routine by checking the message sent by his father first thing in the morning when he wakes up.

http:// cafe.daum.net/wishyoonho.

posted by hoibanhomincouple@tumblr.com

^since young his personality is already astounding.his bad habit about keeping his problems to himself as not to worry others is also there.till now he never change.thats our yunho that we loves hehe.
the last one is awww he is so sweet,so all this times when we saw him at the airport holding phone,he was calling his parents.

and he and his father relationship i s sweet too.

never change yunho~yah ,we love you just the way you are.and you are my role model n coz you are such an amazing human being.to me you are an angel on earth hehe,beautifull inside and outside.sigh i love you xddd.

my fingers are tired momis@ i rewrite it here.oh well hope its worth it and enjoy reading.bye for now.
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Posted 14 June 2013 - 07:37 AM

OCEAN already sold more than 110k in 2 days.
i think its better than the last single catch me if u wanna.

this time they took the 2nd spot in oricon.first one being kanjani8.
but the sale is good so am happy.
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Posted 14 June 2013 - 06:34 PM

Hi everyone, just want to let you all know that part 13 thread has already open, so go to this link: http://asianfanatics...96#entry7240296

Now, let's say good bye to our old home before we go to spazz in our new home, please continue happily spazzing about our Yunho.
Huggles all...
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