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AF needs funding again


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Posted 22 May 2014 - 11:41 PM

Hi Cupcakes!

Some more updates and news! :)

請大家鎖定今晚六點的33廚房哦,看我們到底是從容不迫還是手忙腳亂 (Everyone please tune into "Kitchen 33" tonight at 6pm. see if we are calm and collected or flustered and rushed) (Translation credit: @Roseh0611/blackangel2073)

Posted Image
You can watch the video here.

WOW,2014520!What a special day!Wish everyone all the best and happiness!

Posted Image
520 to you too, Calvin. ;)

兄弟齊心, we will we will "rock cute" XP (Brothers working as one, we will "rock cute" XP)

Posted Image
And yes, that is the name of their combined brand. :P See a BTS video of the photoshoot here and more pictures here, courtesy of factorysev7n's FB page.

140522 (Facebook)
大家都努力的為這社會在盡心力,怎麼會發生這樣殘暴的事,天理不容!(Everyone is working hard for this society, how can such a violent and cruel thing happen? This shouldn't be condoned)
(Note: This is in reference to the Taiwan subway stabbing spree yesterday. May all victims RIP.)

Posted Image
Such a tragic event... May the victims rest in peace. :(

Sing for u...

Posted Image
It's coming guys... Just be patient for a while longer, okay? It will be worth it. :)

That's all for now, Cupcakes. :) Enjoy the updates!

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Posted 28 May 2014 - 11:37 PM

Hi Cupcakes!

Some more updates, plus a new cause/event that Calvin is now an ambassador for! Let me just say this: I thought I couldn't love him more than I already did... I was wrong. (No seriously, I'm almost near tears right now because the event he's an ambassador for relates to me on a very personal level.)


Thx bro!我也要變浩克!小浩克就好 (Thx bro! I also want to become Hulk! Small Hulk would do) (Translation credit: Alicia)

Posted Image

According to Alicia, the log on the gloves is that of Fitness Zone. :P I'd just like to add that none of the FRH members can really be called "small" anymore. XD

140524 三位專職奶爸保姆照顧著彤彤 (Three full-time nannies looking after Tong Tong ) (Translation credit: @Roseh0611/blackangel2073)
Posted Image
Aww... :)

穿上適合好看的衣服,整天心情跟著變好,even it's a raining day,so what?:) 【Wearing suitable and nice clothes, your mood will also turn for the better for the whole day, even it's a raining day, so what? :)

Posted Image
Looking good, Calvin... :) You can find more pictures here

And now... for Calvin's new event!

Earlier this month, he asked us to guess what he was doing (in case some of you forgot, this was the post.)

Well, as it turns out, that photo was from an ad he was shooting for the event, which you can watch here. He updated it about it yesterday and today:

一7降低A1C (Let's lower A1C together)

Posted Image
By the time I saw this post, I had already gone to bed (but was still awake). The very first thing that came to mind was "Hemoglobin A1c", which is a type of test that diabetics use to monitor how well their blood sugar has been for the past three months. Well, as it turns out... I was not far off the mark. Actually, I was right on it. (And still loving the number "7" as much as ever, I see... :P )

According to Alicia, "This is an carnival that aims to raise awareness about diabetes, Calvin is the ambassador for the event, and there was a press conference on 28th May ♥"

blackangel2073 (from Aaron's thread, Puddingland) told me this via Twitter: "一7降低a1c is like what you said, it's a platform for talking, discussing and answering questions related to diabetes and hyperglycaemia. Calvin is going to be ambassador for this event,promoting health and providing info about diabetes and also how 2 prevent it"

You all have no idea how much this means to me. I was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic when I was 15 years old. This past November makes it my 6th year living with diabetes. It hasn't been easy, and there are days where I feel like giving up... But then I remember that I control my diabetes, my diabetes doesn't control me. (Although truth be told, it takes a lot more to motivate me nowadays, but I'm keeping this short for everyone's sake). I'm really touched that Calvin decided to take on such a role, because it means a lot to me personally. Calvin's right when he says that health is the most important thing - because you never know what might happen.

用心關懷身邊的每一個人 (Use your heart and care for everyone around you )
Posted Image

The event has an official Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/2014a1c. Please "like" for more updates on the event (and on Calvin too)! ^^

That's all for now, Cupcakes!

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Posted 31 May 2014 - 12:27 AM

Hi Cupcakes!

Not much to update... The only reason why I'm actually stopping here is because Calvin made an appearance on "Daddy Is Back"... again. *facepalms* (No, he didn't go to Brunei again. Chun took Nei Nei to Taiwan, and in the previous episode, they visited Patty Hou. Posted Image )


Lol, I love how he says that Nei Nei got her love of eating from Chun. Posted Image

There's a second part to it as well. Calvin doesn't make an appearance, but he is mentioned - Chun asks her (three times) who's more handsome - Calvin or Ah Ken (who is his good friend. Apparently he's starred alongside Chun in a lot of FRH's former dramas. I only recognized him as that Jason character from KO One. Posted Image ) Nei Nei responds that Calvin is more handsome, all three times. Posted Image Good taste, Nei Nei. Posted Image

去了明德國小、建國中學,怎麼可以少了明德國中呢?學長姐弟妹們在哪裡? (Having gone to Mingde Elementary School, Jianguo High School, how can I miss out Mingde Junior High School? Where are my juniors?)

Posted Image

I think that shirt is now on sale... I saw an update on that Facebook page, but due to my illiteracy in Chinese, I'm not sure what it said. I really want one though! ;A;

EDIT: Okay, so I have a bit more info on the shirts. Yes, they're being sold/given out. AND... They're autographed by Calvin himself! *screams* According to my good friend blackangel2073, not many people are participating, and it's open to international fans as well. (The only thing is that as international fans, we'd have to pay the shipping fee). As of right now, she's trying to get me the info, so I'm gonna relay it here in a bit. Posted Image Lol, that was fast! :D

Translation credit: blackangel2073

Write down the problems you or someone around you has experienced with hyperglycemia for an opportunity to win a shirt autographed by Calvin Chen!

Event date: 29th May (Thurs) till 6th June (Friday) at 5pm
Competition instructions:
1) Like our official FB page https://www.facebook.com/2014a1c
2) In 100 words of less, write down the problems you or someone around you has experienced with hyperglycemia. Leave your response on our FB page
3) Also include your FB username, real name, email and address in order to complete your registration

When the competition has closed, we will randomly picked 10 winners who will receive of the signed shirts

I'm about to ask if they'll accept English entries, lol. (Yes, I'm entering. Might as well give it a shot... :P )

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Posted 01 June 2014 - 08:11 PM

Hi Cupcakes!

Just a few minor updates...

For the contest, it is okay to use English. :D I messaged them, but they hadn't gotten back to me yet. Alicia, however, said that entries in English were perfectly acceptable. So now I just have to plan what I want to say, lol. Wish me luck! ^^

彤彤戴著久久的帽子祝大家六一兒童節快樂!(Tong Tong wearing her uncle's cap and wishing everyone Happy Children's Day)

Posted Image
N'aww, what a cutie! :D Happy International Children's Day for all the kids out there!

Man, those were the days... *nostalgic*

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Posted 03 June 2014 - 03:24 PM

There's a second part to it as well. Calvin doesn't make an appearance, but he is mentioned - Chun asks her (three times) who's more handsome - Calvin or Ah Ken (who is his good friend. Apparently he's starred alongside Chun in a lot of FRH's former dramas. I only recognized him as that Jason character from KO One. Posted Image )

Ken is the executive producer of KO One. Posted Image

Long time didn't visit this forum liao. Good to catch up on Calvin's news. Currently watching his series 'Lucky Touch'.

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Posted 04 June 2014 - 01:55 AM

Hi Cupcakes!

Thank you for the info, reiyi. I didn't know that. :P And ah, Lucky Touch. I've heard good things about it, though I haven't watched it myself. Hope you enjoy it! ^^

Some updates! ^^

Looks like Calvin's got a new family member! (And no, sadly it isn't another kid... :P )

(New British Shorthair cat at my grandma's house, two months old, it's called 'Jin jon' (Japanese) Wishing everyone a happy Dragon Boat Festival, and for students to score well)
Posted Image
N'aww, it's so cute!! ^^ And just to prove how cute it is, here is a short video of Calvin playing with it. ^^

Move ur body,thats right!
Posted Image
*facepalms* Okay Calvin...

Like my new hair color and style?:)Thanks to Sam Women Hair
Posted Image
Aww, it looks nice! ^^

That's all for now, Cupcakes. Hope everyone's week is going well so far. :)

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Posted 09 June 2014 - 01:53 AM

Hi Cupcakes!

Not much has been going on, except that Calvin is now in Croatia (yes, totally not a random place, right? *rolls eyes*) filming for some sort of show. Because of this, he wasn't able make it to that diabetes-related event :/ Oh well. Hope to see him still doing ambassador-like things for it in the future. :) (And yes, I submitted my entry, but I don't think they've announced the winners yet...)
I have a few minor updates from him, but that's about it. I think with everything going on in my life right now, I might just have to stick to updating the Bakery on a weekly basis, so as not to get too overwhelmed (though he doesn't post a lot in the first place, which is good....)

北京機場烙單行! (Coming to Beijing Airport alone!) (I'm not entirely sure that this translation is correct - I worked with what I could, so...)
Posted Image

早安第二站,莫斯科,下一站? (Good morning. Second stop, Moscow... Next stop?)

Posted Image

This is semi-irrelevant, but ironically, he was spotted by a fan with EXO(-M)'s Kris. ._. Apparently they were on the same flight together... (And let's just say that it's a sensitive time for EXO right now and leave it at that...)

轉機加飛行了24小時,我到了目的地 猜猜我在哪?XP (Plus the 24-hour turnaround flight, I arrived at the destination. Guess where I am? XP)
Posted Image

Extra images, credits as labeled.

Posted Image
Calvin is on the left, Kris is on the right...

Posted Image
Guess he's enjoying the food there? :P

Anyways, that's about it. I shall stop by again next week(end)! Hope everyone has a good week! ^^

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Posted 13 June 2014 - 08:47 PM

Hi Cupcakes!

It looks like Calvin had a nice, fun week in Croatia, if his updates are anything to go by, lol. Seems like the diabetes event had a great turnout, and no, I didn't win the contest, but meh, that's okay. I had nothing to lose by entering, and I only did it just for fun, lol. Anyways, here are the updates! ^^

140609 Kiss kiss in Split!
Posted Image
("Split" is the name of a city in Croatia. ;) )

140609 (Instagram only) Hug the sunshine!
Posted Image
Hehe, Sunshine Boy lovin' his sunshine... :)

140609 Beach boy haha
Posted Image
Lol, oops... forgot to warn you guys. :P Didn't all faint on me, did you? :P On another note, did anyone notice the little black mark on the bicep of his right arm? Not sure if that's a real tattoo or not - a friend of mine said she didn't see it on any of his other sleeveless pics. (I should also mention that Chun's very obvious tattoo is also on his right bicep. ;) ZunRu~ ) And speaking of, Jiro reposted this pic on his Instagram and the two of them bantered a bit... DongRu! ^^

Weibo pic of the same status
Posted Image

我在Split的小街 (I'm at a small street at Split)
Posted Image

Zadar Historical church.What a sunny day
Me enjoy the sunshine!
Posted Image
I feel like hitting him for his grammar error. A major one, at that. >.> Idiot~

乘風破浪陽光大海,All I can say is awesome! (The wind, waves, sunshine, and sea... All I can say is "Awesome!")
(I'm not sure I translated that correctly, but... meh, it gets the point across.)
Posted Image
What a gorgeous view... (And no, I'm not talking about his arms, although those are nice to look at too. :P )

140613 Last day in Croatia
Posted Image
*giggles* What a dork...

140613 The romantic team in Croatia!Bye guys take good care!i had fun in Croatia and also all of you in the past 7 days!What a memorable week:)
Posted Image
Two words - WHITE. SUIT. >///< They look so much better than the traditional black ones, don't you think? As for all the (semi-)formal wear, Alicia said that the show is like a dating-game show type, so...yeah. Can I take the handsome young man in the center, in the white suit then? ;)

There are some more pictures floating around on Weibo, and he has uploaded a few videos on Meipai (where he also uploaded the video of his new cat).

Happy Day 1: http://www.meipai.com/media/24211113
Day 3 今天: http://www.meipai.com/media/24222915
Last night gathering in Split: http://www.meipai.com/media/27224474

Alicia also adds that "...you can download the 美拍 program for both iPhone and Android to check his latest updates ^^", so be sure to do that! :D

That's all for now, Cupcakes. ^^ Not sure how many fans still lurk around here, but thanks for stopping by if you do. :)

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Posted 26 June 2014 - 03:56 AM

Cupcakes! Casey! I'm back~~~~ (until the end of next month I suppose) exams finally over!


Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for all the wonderful updates!!! Hope you've been well!


Love Calvin's interaction with Chun and Nei Nei! Calvin and Chun are such a bickering couple. What's this about marrying his daughter off to Calvin business?? Hahahaa...Chun's turning the tables and getting good at teasing Calvin now. I actually thought Calvin was always really confident and at ease with children, but he seemed so careful around Nei Nei and the smallest thing would have him grinning his head off! My favourite part was definitely when Calvin and Nei Nei were counting Fahrenheit members and she ended up with 'Daddy!'... It's such a weird feeling to think that they've become parents/uncles...and for those who've remained fans, I guess it must feel like we're moving through the stages of life together smile.png


So what was the show he was filming in Croatia? A love-match show right? It's such a beautiful country! And I noticed Calvin wore a lot of white in all those photos. He looks amazing in white hahahaha and that group photo!! Leader of the pack. No words. I stared at it for ages! Excited for the show!


Also, any idea what's happening with his EP? I feel like it's been ages!



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Posted 28 June 2014 - 07:16 PM

Hello Cupcakes!


Sorry for not updating last week - I got kinda busy with school and all. So yes, massive update today - that might have to be split into  two or three posts! wink.png


CHRIS!!! *tackles you into a hug* WELCOME BACK!!! biggrin.png


Hope your exams went well. ^^ I've been doing pretty good myself. Trying to keep up, as usual... XD


And yeah, lol. All that CC... XD And yeah, Nei Nei is such a sweetie, and YES, omg... That part. Chun has taught her well. wink.png (In a later episode, she actually sings the beginning of the refrain for "New Home" ("Xin Wo" - Romantic Princess's theme song?). Took me a second listen to hear it, but it's there. XD) And yeah, it's a little strange, isn't it? But you guys have been fans longer than I have, so... Even so, it's hard to believe that within a year, a lot has happened. XD


I'm not sure what the show was, tbh. I don't poke around Weibo for news, and I honestly didn't even know about this until Alicia said something, so... I'm starting to think I have a weakness for white suits (like Helen, lol). Definitely a gorgeous picture... XD




Anyways, here come the updates! (Something's off, now that I look back... I think AF might have eaten one of my posts. @@)


Hi 深圳,明天年代秀見,有很突然嗎?好像有 (Hi Shenzhen, see you tomorrow at 'Generation Show'; is it a little sudden? It seems like it)



Great memories in Croatia!Part1



Great menories in Croatia!Part 2
(Yes, he typo'ed. Idiot :P )



This is the Veliki Slap from National Park Plitvicka Jazera.The tour guide said this is the blueprint of the waterfall in Avatar!So amazing!


Pretty! :)


校園短劇at年代秀.How's my student uniform look?! (A short campus [school] skit at 'Generation Show'. How's my student uniform look?!)


It looks nice, but I'm slightly worried about the pants, lol. And no, Idk when this is airing. I'm sure it will be soon...


Last night with 柏原崇 at 年代秀深圳衛視!He's so kind and friendly (Last night with Kashiwabara Takashi at Shenzhen TV's "The Generation Show" He's so kind and friendly)



Thanks to fans for taking this pic of me.I love it


Lol, while it's nice that you like it, Calvin, be sure to credit the photo next time, yeah? XD


Is it okay if I stop here for now? Don't worry, there are more updates to come... I'll be back after fifteen minutes (or whatever the time limit is), so AF doesn't get on my case about posting too much media. :P

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Posted 28 June 2014 - 09:05 PM

Hi Cupcakes... Just continuing the updates here. :)


Due to timing issues, some of these posts may not have translations, so I hope you all can forgive me for that. (Alicia!! XD)



Hello everybody..捷運淡水線! (Hello everybody... MRT Danshui line!)



Going home!




一早髮廊巧遇的感覺真好,彷彿又回到當時一起拍戲的感覺️miss it..



Today's work at 淡江大學 (Today's work at Danjiang University)





This reminds me so much of JKPop... T_T





To be continued...

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Posted 28 June 2014 - 10:22 PM

Last batch of updates...


適合我嗎? (Does it suit me?)


I have no idea what that is, so...


大手牽小手,小朋友怎麼可以這麼可愛 (A big hand holding a small hand, how can a child/children be this cute? )



爸爸學習中,有這個節目可以上嗎? ("Daddy In The Middle Of Learning", can there be such a program [for me] to go on?)


There definitely should be such a show... :P


I got this Michelle autograph 3 peas in a pod dvd! Thx Michelle and I miss the time back in Australia️Wish everyone all the best!


Yep, it's out on DVD now! Pretty sure it's landed in Singapore already, but as for anywhere else, I'm not entirely sure...


Here's another picture for you to stare at, Chris! ;)


妳hold的住我嗎 have a nice day!
(Can you handle it? Have a nice day!)
(I am not entirely sure that the translation is correct, but the sentence itself is pretty hard to translate in the first place, so...)



And now for another nice gym selca. :P


Relaxing Saturday is a good work out day



Aand, that's all for now, Cupcakes! I'm hearing word (just through what Helen tweeted earlier, but I didn't bother to ask) that Calvin  might be making an appearance in a drama soon, and it will foreshadow his next one... I'm not entirely sure on this though, so... if anyone has any info, please come forward! XD


Until next time, Cupcakes! :)


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Posted 01 July 2014 - 05:05 PM

hello cupcakes! its great to be back here. I really miss this place. I know it has been a while. feels like ages not being around here. I miss all of you. smile.png


anyways Calvin is still the bomb! hahaha he getting hotter each day. I do get some updates on him on facebook and instagram. He has been traveling a lot. 


Then finally I can read some of the captions he puts with his pictures. I badly needed the translation.  hahaha thanks so much for sharing and making this thread alive.


I'm excited to watch Calvin's movie 3 peas in a pod. have you seen it? i wish I could have the DVD. *sigh*


He is pretty much good with kids. I hope he gets one or more someday. He better do it quick. hahaha


Well I'm so proud to be this ambassador for diabetics. It's not really easy when you are diabetic.I know Calvin will do a great job in that.


well thanks so much for the updates. hopefully soon I can pass by again and read some more updates. wink.png






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Posted 02 July 2014 - 09:47 AM

Hey Cupcakes!


I wish I could find more new about Calvin for you guys but I'm pretty out of the loop (and relying heavily on Facebook updates). I did read somewhere about Calvin and Xiao Han (one of the girls who went to Croatia for the dating show as well) being rumoured as a coupe but Xiao Han just laughed it off. Maybe I'll have a look at Baidu later which will probably have an overload of information1


Also, how is it possible that people don't notice him on the subway? I know everyone's on their phones and stuff but come on! That aura...I'd notice him any day!



Haven't seen you around in a while! Yeah, it's been really quiet around here...which is odd because I swear Calvin's gaining so many more fans now. I guess it's just the bakery...


You just reminded me that I haven't watched 3 Peas either! Should really get to that. When I watch the trailers/music videos I keep thinking 'wow, Australia is such a beautiful place' hahahaha while I'm being a hermit at home.


Do drop by again! (hahaha...coming from someone who's guilty of ditching..)



-hugs- Thank you!! I hope so too..


ol, I only ended up watching the bits with Calvin ahahaha... My aunt in Guangzhou messaged me about the show when she watched it! All this support lol. Wait, when did you join the bakery? I swear you've been here for ages!


Yes, I prefer the classic white suit over his floral stuff, or that baby blue, glittery suit he wore for the promotion of Momo Love. That was a horrible memory hahaha (sorry Calvin!).


Thank you for the information. Feel so privileged! Don't worry, my lips are sealed XD



PS. I can see 20 guests reading this thread. Come on guys!


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Posted 06 July 2014 - 03:00 AM

Hi Cupcakes!


So unfortunately, my laptop died right before the weekend, so I'm afraid I won't be able to update until later. I will say, however, that because July 7th is fast approaching, Calvin definitely has something planned. I'm certain it has to do with factorysev7n, but exactly what, I'm not sure... I'll be sure to try and get more info when news comes out.


Hello timmy. Yes, it does seem like Calvin is getting more handsome by the day, isn't he? I seriously wonder why/how he's not in a relationship yet. tongue.png Then again, Chun hid his for quite some time, so who knows... ? XD No, I haven't watched 3 Peas In A Pod yet.... I hope I'll be able to soon!


Hey Chris!! Lol, don't you live in Australia? :P So you've never traveled around the place? But you're right - it does look quite beautiful. It's on my "Places To Go" list... if it'll ever be possible in the future.


And oh, lol. Yeah, it was nice seeing him on there. XD I joined here in late 2012, so this...Idk, November? (Maybe it was before then) will make it 2 years. The rest of you seem like you've been around for a long time, so hence my earlier comment. :P


Lol, idol fashion these days seem to...fluctuate. One day, they're in something nice, the next... you want to burn whatever they're wearing, LOL.


Thanks. I'll let you know if something else comes up...


That's all for now, Cupcakes. Sorry for the lack of updates... I'll promise I'll post 'em here once I have my laptop up and running again (and when I have the time). 


Thanks for your understanding. Have a good weekend, everyone. ^^  

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Posted 11 July 2014 - 05:07 AM

Hey Cupcakes,


I was grinning from ear to ear when Mum told me there was an article in the newspaper she bought the other day. This is from the 9th in the Sing Tao Daily. Probably very similar to the other articles on the Factorysev7n FB page but here goes (haven't translated something in ages, might be a little dodgy):


'Calvin Chen's fashion brand has reached its 4th anniversary. He organised a one-day store manager meeting event and invited Amanda Chou to be the special guest. The two became a rumoured couple after participating in Guizhou Channel's dating show 'Wan Mei Xie Hou'. He did not avoid these rumours and asked her for a hug and rode on the same bicycle as her, directing and acting his own pairing skit, making Amanda feel very awkward. He said that that the two of them only met on the show and will occasionally meet up in a small bar to watch the World Cup. Turns out that they both live in Tian Mu and attended the same primary and junior-high school. According to China Times, Calvin said that he felt that it was unfortunate that he had not met Amanda before and hinted "I would really like to get married at the end of next year". However she replied with "why are you looking at me when you're saying that?", ignoring Calvin's displays of affection, saying that they are only friends.'


I feel like Calvin has a knack of flirting with girls onscreen but he must be pretty normal around them in his own time if they're still comfortable to be friends with him. Mr Sunshine Boy at it again!


Also, stay tuned for Calvin on the Generation Show on Shenzhen Channel tomorrow night 9:15pm!



I do live in Australia! But I guess you don't notice how beautiful it is when it's your natural environment. And you'd have to go to more rural places for all that scenery...Sydney's just like your average city I guess. Although the beaches are absolutely the best! And the national parks are pretty good too! Still jealous of that tourist who was at Kangaroo Island for a holiday and managed to bump into Calvin while he was filming there!


Hahaha I guess they try to wear what's 'in' but we're just not as tolerant with all this 'stylishness'.  



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Posted 18 July 2014 - 03:15 AM

Hi Cupcakes!


Finally got my laptop working again, which means it's time for some (more like a lot of, lol) updates! :D



I guess that's true. I know that a lot of my (high school) classmates complained that the city where I live is too boring, and they just can't wait to get out of here, lol. I like it well enough, I guess. (Says the person who's hardly ever traveled). Sydney sounds like a very beautiful place, and I'd love to visit there one day. :)


And yes, indeed. :P



Anyways, I think I'm going to have to split the updates into 2-3 posts, to avoid posting over the limit.


Before I begin, here's some news I got from a good friend of mine (she's blackangel2073 on here... She can usually be found at Puddingland, Aaron's thread). That one pic Calvin posted on June 27th (The "Can you handle it?" - captioned one) - it's apparently a  hint. According to her, "Calvin is going to be in a new short web series, and it's called "Hold 住愛情." So I guess he was just making a pun on the title... I have no other info except this... Sorry guys! ^^;;  Anyways, moving on...


Recording another new song


*grumbles* With how much it seems like he's recording, you'd think he's releasing a full-length album! ><


下*棒*年開始了,你/妳們說是不是阿? (The next excellent* [half of the] year has begun, don't you all agree?) (He's making a pun - the character 棒 means "excellent, " but he also means the next /half/ of the year - 半 [bàn]. Since June is the 6th month and half the year has already passed, he's basically telling us to look forward to the next half of the year, which, according to him, will be excellent.)



(I know how to walk now)


And he's got another cute video on Mepai too! ^^


Oreo cheese cake from friend's bakery shop.Yummy!!



後天星期天下午2pm WOW品牌四週年慶,我會在華山文創園區中四B演講廳(2F)和大家同歡,會有什麼神秘嘉賓呢?讓我們拭目以待
(The day after tomorrow, Sunday 2pm, WOW's fourth anniversary celebration. I'll be at Huashan Chuangyuan Middle 4B Hall 2F to high with everyone. Who would be the special guest? Let's find out)



Final check,準備明天和大家見面!u ready?! (Final check, ready to meet everyone tomorrow! u ready?!)




(Today's WOW 4th Anniversary celebration was a great success. Thanks everyone for your support and accompaniment, and also thanks to my family and friends. Hoping that there will be new songs to bring to everyone in my next public performance.)



I don't know who Amanda Zhou is, but she was super lucky!! XD Lol, poor girl. And yes, Chris, I completely agree... XD Calvin seems like he'd be a great friend (not just boyfriend ;) ) so it's no wonder he's got so many female friends, lol. Just hope he finds that one special girl for him soon... ;)


Anyway, I'm gonna stop here for now, Cupcakes. More updates to come later! ^^

#1578 LJ05



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Posted 19 July 2014 - 02:39 AM

Hi Cupcakes!


More updates! smile.png


三天了,彤彤很想大姐姐們,妳們呢?九九還先帶她去WoMen Hair先剪頭髮哦 (It's been three days, Tongtong misses all her big sisters a lot, what about you all? Uncle brought her to WoMen Hair to cut her hair)



今天的我嘻哈嗎?hip hop for life. peace yall~ (Am I hip-hop today? hip hop for life. peace yall~)


Ohhh, does this mean we get some beat-boxing? smile.png


(Besides working out chest muscles, also remember about your back muscles)



What's this?Where am I going?!New Work,new challenge!



You're all probably wondering why he needs an international driving license... Well, here's some exciting news! Calvin's going to be on "The Amazing Race" (Mainland China version). For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, it's basically a game/reality show where contestants (teamed up in pairs) travel around the world, completing challenges and stuff. It's been a very long time since I've seen the U.S. version, but that's basically what I remember...


His partner is Zhou Wei Tong (周韦彤) (Cica Zhou). While I'm not "against" this, it strikes me as odd that they didn't pair him with someone more...close. Because usually, the teams are composed of couples, best friends, or blood relatives. I wonder if he's hinting something, lol...




加入學生生活,早8的衝動! (Joining in the student life, impulse at 8am)



彩排.Rehearsal! (Dress rehearsal. Rehearsal!)



這顏色適合我嗎?是問墨鏡還是頭髮?哈哈哈 (Does this color suit me? Are you asking about the sunglasses or [my] hair? Hahaha)



He's in Mainland China now, filming some sort of dating show. Here are some pics (and you can see all of his hair...)





I'm gonna be honest and say that I really don't like blond on him. (The color he had during "Super Hot" era was darker, so I'm not counting that). >.> I hope he changes it back to brown/black soon...


And lastly, here's the Generation Show episode!

#1579 reiyi


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Posted 21 July 2014 - 03:07 PM

Hi, a OT post. As I've said earlier, it's been a looong time since I visited asianfanatics. I remember there is a section for drama downloads. It's gone now?

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Posted 25 July 2014 - 07:59 PM

Hi Cupcakes!


reiyi, I honestly don't know... I haven't really checked around AF all that much. Are you looking for dramas in general, or FRH/Calvin dramas? I know Puddingland (Aaron's thread here on AF) has a section on their title page that has dramas, but a lot of those links are dead, so I don't know where else... You could try d-addicts.com - they have a lot of torrents for dramas there.


Anyways, some more updates, plus pics from The Amazing Race! :D


衝衝衝!You can't stop me! (Go go go! You can't stop me!)



Good morning!keep running today!






Cow boy baby...



A few pics from the filming of The Amazing Race. According to Alicia, the U.S. leg of the "race" has already finished filming. I don't know where they're headed to next, but I'm sure Calvin will let us know soon enough... ;)


Credits as marked.








You can find more pics here. :)


That's all for now, Cupcakes! Hope everyone has a good weekend! ^^

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Posted 14 August 2014 - 01:27 AM

*peeks around the corner slowly* Anyone still here?


Sorry it's been a while, Cupcakes. Things are picking up on my end, which means less time to update. Adding to that, I've started to hit that "I-really-don't-want-to-update" phase. (Or maybe in my case, it's "I-really-don't-want-to-be-the-only-one-updating" phase, but either way...Those who may have seen me at PuddingLand probably noticed I disappeared from there a while back, too.)




Anyways, I've got plenty of updates now that I've been MIA for about two and a half weeks. So many that I might just have to split it up...


兩位在德州的牛仔慶祝fb朋友大破三十萬,謝謝喜歡牛仔的朋友們,雖然牛仔很忙,但還是感謝大家,yeee ha!!
(A cowboy and a cowgirl in Texas celebrating the number of FB fans reaching 300 thousand, thanks to all those who love cowboy. Although cowboy is very busy, but still, thanks everyone, yeee ha!!)



Walking on the street



最近發生了許多天災人禍,不知道到底怎麼了,讓我們一起用心祈禱,人定勝天,守護這美好的家園⋯God bless!
(Recently there has been many natural disasters, don't know what is happening, let us pray, man's determination will prevail over nature, protect and safeguard this beautiful home/land...God bless)



(Long time no see, big [under]pants :) )


Not sure if this means he's finally done recording for his EP... *side-eyes HIM pointedly* Be sure to check 77Amika's channel for all the latest Calvin-related videos!


Uncle Sam and Calvin wish everyone a happy Chinese Valentine's Day!祝大家七夕情人節快樂
(CHN: Wishing everyone a Happy Qixi Festival)



Today 黃金戰士!
(Today, Golden Lightan (Full name: Golden Warrior Gold Lightan) )


(I did not translate that post, so I'm at a loss of what the meaning behind the caption is...)


(Get up, get moving, start responding, start loving)


I'm going to take a wild guess and say that these were to help raise money (?) for the victims from the Kaohsiung explosion. I hope everyone is okay...


(Aiya, isn't this my hometown Quanzhou! Welcome you all to come visit (play) )



And this is where I will stop for now... To be continued. ;)

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Posted 16 August 2014 - 11:10 PM

Hi Cupcakes. I'm just gonna continue from where I left off... :)


(Yoga-doing Tong Tong wishes all Baba [08/08] a happy father's day! Have you had a meal with your dad yet today?)



(Grandpa we have come to visit you, Happy Father's Day!)


Aww... T.T


Hi everyone,how's ur Sunday so far?Enjoy!:)


Lol, dork. He's very attached to Monsters Inc., isn't he? :P

Heehee..guess where I am?


Filming for The Amazing Race, no doubt... ;)

What an amazing view from air!


Amazing indeed~


Work and play!


That is pretty impressive... O.o


OMG!Super hot!太熱!
(I'm not translating that Chinese part because A, it's just a repeat of what was said in English and B, everyone should recognize what that says anyways. ;) )


Ugh. Kills us with feels why don't you, Calvin? >.> Doesn't help it's that temperature, of all things... though on the opposite scale. XD


(The saying/proverb said it well, when at home, depend on [your] parents, when away from home, depend on [your] friends, thanks)



And that wraps it up for now, Cupcakes. Thanks for your patience. And again, if anyone else would like to help contribute, please do so. :) Hope to stop by again soon!

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Posted 18 August 2014 - 11:52 PM

EXCITING NEWS, CUPCAKES!!!! :excited :yeah


After months without an update, there's finally more info on Calvin's EP! :D


This is from the Calvin Chen fanpage on FB (the one Alicia created; she's the one that posted this earlier) :


From Weibo: Calvin's first solo music album 還是夏天呢 (It's Still Summer) will be released soon! Let's look forward to it together!




So excited!! ^^

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Posted 30 August 2014 - 05:30 PM

Hi Cupcakes!


Hope everyone has been doing well... Here are some updates.


CC fans!! :D


歡迎愛吃尊來台,可是Uncle Calvin比較想Neinei欸 (Welcome foodie [person who loves to eat] Chun to Tai[wan], but Uncle Calvin misses Nei Nei more)


No clue what Chun was doing in Taiwan, but LOL. XD


中秋民族音樂會,期待ing! (Anticipating the mid-autumn national music party!)


Oh yay, hosting gig! Wonder what it'll be... (I'll have to bug Alicia later for info...)


Some videos!


Most, if not all, of you have now heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that's going around. Well, Zhou Mi nominated Calvin to do it, and he did, lol.



I love how he just says a bunch of nice things, and then does it like it's nothing. Guess all those cold jokes (or hanging around Aaron) made him immune to the cold :P


And here's that mini-web series, "Hold On To Love"! It's basically about what not to say to your girlfriend, lol.




And that's about it, Cupcakes. There are a couple of more updates from the last few days, but since they haven't been uploaded to the FB page yet, I won't post them here just yet...


Hope everyone has a good weekend! :)

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Posted 06 September 2014 - 04:07 AM

Hi Cupcakes...


More updates... (Post may be split)



來了,衝衝衝part 2! (Coming, go go go part 2!)



Hi 深圳 (Hi Shenzhen)




迎向陽光,迎向挑戰,迎向未來!Never say you can't.) (Welcome the sun, welcome the challenges, welcome the future! Never say you can’t.)




嘻嘻哈哈風 (I have no clue how to translate this without sounding weird, so I won't...)



不管何時何地,運動有益身心健康!a perfect ending for a weekend with a work out!
(No matter what time it is or where I am, sports is beneficial to both physical and mental health. A perfect ending for a weekend with a work out!)


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Posted 12 September 2014 - 02:34 AM

Hi Cupcakes!


I've got some exciting news to share with you all, so brace yourselves!


But first, a few updates from the last couple of weeks. I hope everyone had a nice Mid-Autumn festival.


九月,令人期待的一個月,妳們呢!? (September, it is a most anticipated September, what about you guys?!)



Sunny Friday afternoon,we need some love



今日探班大隊 (Today's visiting team)



彤彤祝賀大家中秋佳節愉快!月圓人團圓 (Tongtong wishes everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Reunion when the moon is round)



Calvin's hosting gig for Mid-Autumn. It's the same as last year's, I think...



From factorysev7n... Post originally made by Alicia (who seriously needs to get her butt back here... >.>)


"It's Sill Summer!" We're all anticipating Calvin's new EP to be released soon! Show your support by supporting the sale of this specially designed shirt and cushion (Preorder from 9 Sept to 11 Sept!)
大當家@辰亦儒 #還在夏天呢#It's still summer-應援TEE+抱枕,9/9~9/11連續三天開始預購,9/22前發貨,火熱預購明天開始!!!

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Posted 12 September 2014 - 12:51 PM



Haha oooops I'm back (I know, I'm really lazy, hi Casey XD)


But anyway, of course, I'm only back because there's big news!!! XD So here goes... 


(華研國際)飛輪海成員辰亦儒 首張個人寫真迷你專輯 【還在夏天呢】2014.9.19 (五) 及時行樂發行









 6首新歌 + 24頁超尺寸雙版本寫真


華研國際音樂2014.9.19 (及時行樂發行


陽光男孩 成熟蛻變 Smart夏男】 辰亦儒2014獨立發聲




王牌製作與創作團隊 齊聚量身打造【Smart夏男 辰亦儒】



24頁超尺寸寫真 雙款版本 同步推出


Smart夏男 辰亦儒【還在夏天呢】迷你寫真專輯曲目




4.秘戀應許之歌【我與你】   電影「他她他」主題曲

5.氣魄勵志之歌【聞七起武】 電視劇「我愛幸運七」主題曲

6.專一守護之歌【交換人生】 電視劇「我愛幸運七」片尾曲



Smart夏男 辰亦儒【還在夏天呢】全台簽唱會

9/27() 13:30 台南  南方公園

         19:00 台中 逢甲歡樂星 

9/28() 14:00 台北  西門町 屈臣氏前廣場


And English translation here:


(H.I.M) Fahrenheit Member Calvin Chen’s First Solo Mini-Album with Photobook “It’s Still Summer” to be released on 2014.09.19


This man will pause the entire summer for you


Fahrenheit member Calvin Chen

First Solo Mini-Album with Photobook

6 new songs + 24-page photobook (2 versions)


Released by HIM International Music on 2014.9.19 (Fri)



From Sunshine Boy to 【Smart Summers Man - Calvin Chens Solo Vocal in 2014

Calvins first solo mini-album Its Still Summer is finally being released in 2014 just as summer is coming to an end!

A lover of summer, Calvin Chen has specially used this season as the concept of his album, with the first hit song Its Still Summer in which Calvin exudes his passion, charm.

Calvins boundaries are never defined as he boldly attempts various musical styles, adding much freshness into this solo album of his!


A tailor-fit production from an excellent team for  【Smart Summers Man- Calvin Chen 

A-list producers (Wang Zhiping, Lu Zhenhuang, Lin Maike, Guo Wenzong), come together with several new-and-upcoming producers (Zhang Jiawei, Ryan.B, Liang Zheng, Zhang Weiran, Zhang Pengpeng, Wang Yin, Huang Zhou, Jim Lim and Michelle Chong) to produce this music album for Calvin Chen. 6 songs of different styles are included in this album, with styles ranging from hip-hop rap to soothing love songs and Rock and Roll, a mix of fast and slow songs which let you witness Calvin Chens wide possibilities and transformations in musical interpretation. At the same time, this marks a huge leap of Calvin Chen in his path of fulfilling his musical dream! 


24-page Photobook with 2 versions to be released simultaneously

The music company has also invested huge money to bring Calvin Chen overseas, incorporating transport modes ranging from helicopter to yacht and racing cars, capturing the mesmerizing scenery and panoramic view of the city. Catch also Calvin showing his wonderful body figure at a swimming pool in a world-class hotel. The album cover includes a 24-page huge photobook with 2 versions to be released simultaneously: Summer Pleasures and Love Overflowing. Immerse in the sunshine and sexy charm of Smart Summers Man Calvin Chen!


Smart Summers Man Calvin Chen Its Still Summer Mini-Album Song List

1.Pleasure hit song Its Still Summer 還在夏天呢

2.Affectionate hit song Love Doesnt Harm 愛來無恙

3.The song of hard impact Say It Out 把話說開

4.The song of secret love and promise You and I 我與你 (Theme song for movie “3 Peas in a Pod)

5.The song of inspirational spirit Fight on 7 聞七起武 (Theme song for drama Lucky Touch)

6.The song of loyal guardianship Exchange Lives 交換人生 (Ending song for drama Lucky Touch)



Smart Summers Man Calvin Chens Taiwan Autograph Sessions

9/27(六) 13:30 台南  南方公園 

         19:00 台中 逢甲歡樂星 

9/28(日) 14:00 台北  西門町 屈臣氏前廣場




I'm lazy so there's not much, I will cook up another post maybe later tonight or tomorrow, there are plenty of updates (from Calvin himself as well)!



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Posted 12 September 2014 - 01:57 PM

FINALLY! *throws hands up in air*


Alicia, I swear I love you, but seriously... >.> *sighs* Can't be helped, I guess... :/ Everyone's so busy nowadays, and who knows where Corina went... O.o


Anyways, YAY!!!! :D How awesome! Only a week away now....


I can't wait to see what's in store...assuming I can even keep up, that is. >.>


Calvin's own update:


等了很久了,我要告訴大家,9/19我辰亦儒的首張迷你專輯「還在夏天呢」即將正式發行!Everybody,I need your support!Come to me!快到我的懷裡來!
(I've waited for very long, I want to tell everyone, I, Calvin Chen, will be releasing my first mini-album "It's Still Summer" on 9/19! Everybody,I need your support!Come to me! Quick, come to my embrace!)



Alicia, I was aiming to get... those pictures (the ones from the news article/s) up here... But I don't know if it's necessary?

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Posted 15 September 2014 - 02:45 AM

Hi Cupcakes!


Let the updates come rolling in, lol.



星期日之運動風 (Sunday's sporting style)



And here's a 20-second teaser for the title song, "It's Still Summer" (還在夏天呢)! :D Thanks Amika! :)



There's news going around that something will be happening on the 17th, but I'm not sure what... Guess we'll wait and see. :)

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Posted 18 September 2014 - 02:24 AM

It's HERE, Cupcakes! The MV for "It's Still Summer"!!! :D



Help us increase the views! ^^


P.S. I wanted to add "It's Still Summer" to the tags, but I can't edit the tags - looks like we've reached the max amount. :/


P.P.S I hope wherever she is, Corina has gotten hold of this lovely piece of news. I'm sure she'd be really happy. And I'm sure she would've had a lot to say about the MV as well...

Edited by LJ05, 18 September 2014 - 02:28 AM.

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Posted Today, 03:37 AM

Hi Cupcakes,


Okay, before I give you all a treat, let me just say this: Updates here will probably be very, very sparse from here on out. I'm already busy enough as it is, and these next few months are going to be crucial for me, as I'm going to graduate from university soon (in December). With Calvin starting on his promotions for "It's Still Summer"... I honestly don't know how much of that can get posted here. That said, if you haven't liked the Facebook page that Alicia created, then please do, because it's probably the only place that will be updated in the meantime - Calvin Chen 辰亦儒 . And of course, Weibo is always a very good source for finding information, if you are literate/fluent in Chinese. :) I'd like to thank all the Cupcakes who've been here in the past, and for those of you who have stayed until  now, thank you as well. Keep supporting our Sunshine Boy, all right? He's worked hard, so let's show him that his hard work paid off. ^^ 


That said, for those of you who haven't had a chance to listen to his mini-album yet, here are some links that will let you do so:





"Exchange Lives" is probably my favorite, ever since I heard it last year. :D But my favorite "new" song from his mini is definitely "Love Doesn't Harm" (爱来无恙). It's so gorgeous! "Say It Out" (把话说开) is really good too though. :)


Congratulations Calvin! We're so proud of you! :)


That's all for now, Cupcakes. I don't know when I'll be back, but I'll still stop by every once in a while. I hope to see other fans posting here though. It's getting kinda lonely with just me here.


Wishing everyone health and success,


LJ05 (Casey) :)

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